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Hello all,

The storage box has been re-installed at Fichtner-Mainwaring Park. The new lock code is 4523 for both locks. One of the locks is a little worn, and may stick a bit, but it does work. Please keep the code on a “need to know” basis and try to keep folks from yelling the code publicly on the courts.

Only 3 nets have been placed in the box for now. This may be expanded once Jackson County enters Phase 2 and group restrictions are changed.

Hopefully this will spread some of the local players out and take some of the strain off of Holmes Park.

Remember that everybody is playing at their own risk. You must keep with all social distancing and health guidelines, and being in groups may increase your chances of becoming sick.  


Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Everyone be safe.


Chris Shaull | Recreation Supervisor

City of Medford, Oregon | Parks, Recreation & Facilities

701 N. Columbus Avenue, Medford, OR 97501

Ph: 541-774-2407 | E:

Southern Oregon Pickleball Association

PO Box 1226 + 153 E Wagner St.

Talent, Or 97540-9780

For information about local pickleball playing opportunities, call one of the following
USAPA-approved pickleball ambassadors:

​Crescent City – Karen Suiker (USAPA Ambassador) (707) 845-6913

Grants Pass – David Johnson – (USAPA Ambassador) (541) 761-7307

Ashland – Norm Eisenberg (USAPA Ambassador) (541) 631-1456