New Prince Paddle is a Beast

Around the Net & Good for

Large Hands

I regularly play with a Prince Response Pro paddle, so when our friends at Pickleball Central offered a chance to review Prince’s newest Quantum Pro with its elongated handle, I jumped at the chance.


It’s not that I need the extra reach provided by the Quantum Pro’s 6-inch-long handle and 16-3/8-inch overall length. At 6-foot 4-inches tall, I’ve got plenty of wingspan. But I also have large hands, and the Quantum Pro’s extra-long handle provides an extremely comfortable grip that fits my big paw. No matter what size hands you have, that long handle is good for extending your range and for the two-handed backhands that are increasingly popular on pickleball courts.


From long distance, the Quantum Pro provides decent punch thanks to a thick polymer core and fiberglass facing. The paddle’s slightly rounded design means an evenly distributed sweet spot, which I found good for accuracy from the back of the court and a willing partner when it comes to consistent serves.


But where the Quantum Pro really shines is around the net. It has medium weight (mine weighs in at 7.6 ounces) that I like for fast reaction times, plus excellent “ball feel” and touch for a confidence-inspiring dink game. If you like to “dink all day” and then pounce when your opponent makes a mistake, this is the tool for the job. I didn’t overhit dinks and I felt really good about cutting skimmers closer and closer to the net. The paddle also is excellent at absorbing energy, and blocked slams seem to float back over the net with just the right amount of point-resetting speed.


To get that elongated striking face and still maintain USAPA standards for total paddle surface, the Prince has—like other paddle manufacturers—slimmed the width (7-3/8 inches) of the Quantum Pro. The result is a narrower (but longer) sweet spot that puts a premium on fundamental striking skills. When I first played with the Quantum Pro, I needed extra concentration to ensure I was centering the ball and making good contact.


But hey! did I mention I have a big wingspan? I’ll call out one hard-fought point that almost ended when my opponent slammed out wide to my forehand. I lunged hard and needed every bit of the Quantum Pro’s extra length to get that ball on the end of my paddle and flip it back over the net for a winner!


John Riha


Southern Oregon Pickleball Association

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