The Southern Oregon Pickleball Association (SOPA) is a 501c7 organization that promotes the growth and development of pickleball. Memberships in SOPA provide the equipment, facilities, and instruction that encourages newcomers and players at any level of expertise to have a successful, healthy, and fun pickleball experience. We strive to increase opportunities for community members to play by sponsoring clinics, tournaments, and community outreach. SOPA volunteer instructors have taught at Phoenix-Talent Middle School, Ashland Middle School, the Veterans Administration Rehabilitation clinic in White City, and OLLI classes in partnership with Southern Oregon University.

Our Mission:

Southern Oregon Pickleball Association

PO Box 1226 + 153 E Wagner St.

Talent, Or 97540-9780

For information about local pickleball playing opportunities, call one of the following
USAPA-approved pickleball ambassadors:

​Crescent City – Karen Suiker (USAPA Ambassador) (707) 845-6913

Grants Pass – David Johnson – (USAPA Ambassador) (541) 761-7307

Ashland – Norm Eisenberg (USAPA Ambassador) (541) 631-1456