When you become a member of the Southern Oregon Pickleball Association, you'll join hundreds of local pickleball players who share your love of this fantastic sport. SOPA members lead the efforts to fund new, community-based courts in Southern Oregon and help maintain existing courts. SOPA volunteers organize clinics, demonstrations, and youth-oriented instruction programs that encourage participation in the healthy, fun sport of pickleball.




• Lessons, clinics, leagues, and social events at reduced fees or no cost


• Discount on SOPA-sanctioned tournaments


• Automatic sign-up for SOPA contests and online raffles


• 5% off every order from PickleballCentral.com


• Regular SOPA communications regarding programs, court usage, skill improvements, and other topics of interest




Households with two or more members save!


Get all the benefits of a Standard Membership and enjoy reduced rates when you opt for a Family Membership!




All the benefits of a Standard Membership, plus:


• Exclusive name badge for access to SOPA activities including tournaments and special events


• Choice of tee-shirt or cap with the logo of the Southern Oregon Pickleball Association

Every member receives a code that provides 5% off of purchases at PickleballCentral.com, a premier pickleball supplier. Also: another 5% of the purchase price goes into a "club fund." Over the year, 5% of every purchase that uses our code will go into SOPA's fund for maintenance and equipment.

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